A woman’s handbag is the window to her soul, the one thing a woman can’t leave the house without. A touch of elegance, classy and sophistication. THESELINA® offers elegantly and stylishly design handbags cater to every modern day woman.Ms. Selina BintiDato’ Seri Yeop Junior @ Lope, the lady behind the line of The Selina .A woman of many interests, her natural entrepreneurial skills has seen her not just dabbled but turn her interests into successful business ventures.

A PR and Communications specialist of 20 years, Selina ventured into lifestyle and fashion a couple of years ago with her business partner, Malaysia’s No 1 R&B songstress; Ning Baizura under the label ROMYDA_KL. And as expected it was a runaway success.The knowledge and experience from organising, attending and observing a multitude of lifestyle events, Selina Yeop Jr – a patriot at heart - began noticing that Malaysian women, like her, take pride in ’metaphorically’ flying the Malaysian flag. While dressing up in national costume or adorning made in Malaysia labels, the handbag brands are almost always of an imported label. Why not a Malaysian label then?

A high quality brand that pays attention to intricate details. With the acclaimed and highly in demand label enjoying its cloud nine, Selina doesn’t stop there. Noticing a gap in the market for affordable, high quality complementary accessories, completely made in Malaysia, THESELINA® was inspired.

THESELINA®is a home-grown Malaysian brand with the highest quality with international aspirations. Designed with great attention to detail, intricate and unique designs incorporating the artisan heritage skills of embroidery as a differentiator and luxurious look and feel, but affordable without compromising quality, style, and function.